Terms of Service

Please read the TOS before you proceed in ordering a plan!

Illegal use-
Host Solutions services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities. Host Solutions will cooperate with authorities if such actions occur and will eventually result in the termination of the client’s account or accounts involved in committing a crime. Such violations include: harassment, stalking, child pornography, uploading viruses, pirating software, forgery/fraud, and spam (unsolicited commerical email/ unsolicited bulk email).

Host Solutions will not tolerate chain letters originating from any client’s account nor scripts to produce massive spam (unwanted, off topic material.)

Host Solutions does not allow warez, roms, mp3 or mpeg, or gameservers on any client’s site. Any account found to be redistributing these materials will be terminated immediately. In the case that it is your own music or you are a record label or with the correct licensing, we will allow some files like mp3 on your site.

Host Solutions does not allow the web blog tool Greymatter or CuteNews on our servers. Host Solutions does not permit the php fanlisting tool PHPfanbase or the guestbook SimpBook.There is no negotiation on this part of the policy. These scripts are outdated and/or not secure. We do offer WordPress in Cpanel’s Fantastico Deluxe as a blog tool alternative.

We do not allow scripts that are outdated, not maintained, or otherwise abandoned. If your site contains any unsafe scripts and/or databases, you will be emailed once to remove the scripts/databases, if they are not removed your site within 72 hours of being informed, the account will be in violation of our terms of service and could face termination. If terminated, you, the client will be informed as a final email notice.

If client is found to be stealing copyrighted material and reported to Host Solutions, the client will be emailed that they must remove the material in question within 72 hours or face immediate termination of their account.

Host Solutions does not offer support of outside script sources. If they do not work on the server, then they are outdated and possibly unsecure and could be hazardous to the server’s welfare. If a client wishes their outside script to be fixed, a fee of $20/ hour is charged. Outside scripts are constituted as scripts offered outside of Cpanel/ Fantastico or made by the owner of Host Solutions, Nile Flores. Any script offered through Fantastico that are reported as outdated, will be brought to Cpanel’s attention and if a fix is issued, Host Solutions will alert the client. Host Solutions is not responsible or obligated to update the current script with the fix. The Webmaster Resource page does include links to outside scripts and are not supported by Host Solutions.

Service Policies-
Host Solutions reserves the right to amend any terms of service policy and agreements any time.

Account requests to switch from one cPanel to another new cPanel are not free. For example, client orders domain1.com and through first or renewal of second would prefer that the main domain be domain2.com will have to cancel previous and purchase new package. Host Solutions can offer to move database and files over, but client is responsible for connecting absolute path and scripts used.

Host Solutions may choose to refuse service to anyone if so desired.

All clients agree that Host Solutions may share all client information including assigned IP numbers, account history, account use, etc. to any law enforcement agency with or without consent or notification to the client if needed or requested. Other than law enforcement, no others but the client and Host Solutions are privy to a client’s information.